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    Are You Doing Social Media Right Or Wrong?

    Guess what? Social media is here to stay and all in opposition will be left in the dust! Wake up! You can either be part of the conversation or not. Human beings by nature are social creatures.

    Social media makes sense for your brand. Social media makes sense for any brand. Did you know that on average 175 million people login FaceBook everyday? Or did you know that in one year Twitter had 35 million new accounts? Our lives are present in a world revolving around clicks, likes, comments, and shares. The purpose of social media is to help companies and consumers become influential in the market while increasing awareness of their brand.

    But you can do social media right and you can do social media wrong, very wrong. So how do you know?

    If your social content is not relevant is it noise. The World Wide Web is bursting at the seams and companies are promoting their brand by means of social media, pushing through this clutter, and sometimes tending to get lost. If companies do not tie all ends together their consumers will quickly become confused on what it is they’re even promoting! You must have a social media marketing strategy. What is your brand, your mission, who are your consumers? Your brand should be summed up in one word, your mission is what you’re trying to help consumers achieve and by letting consumers speak for themselves you can leverage social proof to attract more prospects.

    Check out a couple tips:

    • Convert: You want to convert stranger into customer.

    • Transform: Take the past and the present successes into magnetic forces of attraction.

    • Attract: Get the attention. For example, say you sell health food products, vitamins, granola bars, etc. You would post a video of the largest man in the world. This will attract anyone, not just people who are following your health mission.

    • Engage: Get people talking. Ask questions. Spending more time exposing your brand will help you connect better with your consumers while at the same time promoting your logo, messages, specials, deals, promotions, new products, etc.

    • Commitment: Once you ask a question and a consumer answers, ask ANOTHER question. Social media is not a one-time deal. The Internet is an on going outlet of information enabling people to connect and talk.

    • Make sense: If you create content that does not match your mission and your brand this will become confusing and you will look stupid and I’m pretty sure you will loose your social media following.

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    Great advice, Brianna! Thank you for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikhaila View Post
    Great advice, Brianna! Thank you for sharing.
    Thanks for Reading!

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