All of Facebook's recent changes can seem overwhelming. Mashable helps to clarify "what it all means" especially in relation to internet marketing.

Users now have the option to choose which updates they find most important. This makes engagement and relevant status updates even more important. If your page is constantly posting irrelevant and boring updates, users are going to opt to get fewer updates from you. (Or worse, "Unlike" you!)

Apps are also expected to play an even more important role than they already do. However, the apps need to be interesting to the user and encourage participation.

The new Facebook Timeline emphasizes marketing as storytelling. Your timeline is essentially a "scrapbook" of everything that has happened in the past.
Instead of offering basic information, like “Jim checked in at Starbucks,” Schafer suggests that something more specific such as “Jim checked in at the Starbucks on 14th Street and ordered a cappuccino,” might be a relevant part of that consumer’s life that day and of interest to friends.
The clear unifying factor here seems to be CONTENT! "Likes" are not the be-all-end-all anymore. The key is to get consumers to like your page and then keep them engaged and active on your page. The only way to do this is to provide them with interesting and informative content they actually want to digest.