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    Workfeeds Gives LinkedIn a Run for its Money

    Workfeeds is a new professional social networking site that launched today and may give LinkedIn its first real taste of competition. If I had to compare it to LinkedIn, I would say it has less emphasis on resumes and a bigger emphasis on the social networking aspects LinkedIn isn't taking advantage of. It's sort of like LinkedIn on a Facebook platform.

    Workfeeds [...] tries to be “like LinkedIn if it launched now” (and not in 2003). Resumes only play a secondary role.

    The layout is definitely reminiscent of Facebook (or at least the original Facebook layout), see for yourself:

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    Wow – this really reminds me of the Facebook layout…

    It’s interesting how they provide a comparison to other social networks front and center on their homepage (although further down on the page):

    • LINKEDIN but built around networks, feeds, and following, vs. bio's, contacts, and groups with spam problems
    • FACEBOOK and TWITTER but for your professional identity, and organized by networks and structured feeds
    • STACK EXCHANGE but social, much more than Q&A, and work-only with no consumer verticals
    • QUORA but built around networks of professionals not topics, more than Q&A and no consumer content
    • GOOGLE+ but for your professional life and built around shared networks/groups not creating personal circles
    • JIVE, YAMMER, and CHATTER but for connecting broadly with professionals outside your company
    • NING but professionals only vs. consumers and nonprofits, and focused on standardized feeds not custom sites
    • VERTICALNET but social and focused on user-generated content, using 10+ years of of subsequent web innovation

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