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    Broke Blogging Reasons and How to Fix Them

    For those of you who are blogging as a revenue source, Copyblogger published a helpful article on “broke blogging” and how to fix it.

    If you intend to make money with your blog and it isn’t working out as planned, below are four problems the article outlines and how to fix them:

    Problem #1: You’re a billboard in the desert
    Problem #2: Selling ice to Inuits
    Problem #3: “Just the free sample, thanks”
    Problem #4: Once is (apparently) enough

    What tips do you have for making your blog more profitable?

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    If you want to get your blog noticed, I think one of the best strategies is to connect with other bloggers in your industry niche. You can start by commenting on their blog and adding them to your blogroll, let them know and they will likely give you a link back in their blogroll. Their readers (who are already interested in your industry) will start to see your name mentioned and might just click over to your blog to see what you're about!

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    Broke Blogging Reasons and How to Fix Them

    I LOVE this idea Will have to try it the next time he messes with my st

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