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    Introducing Amazon Mobile Associates API

    over 2 months ago, Amazon released its Mobile Associates API for developers to better monetize their applications. Before this introduction, developers could only make money from their apps by selling them outright, going "freemium" or by using mobile advertisements. While the previous three choices certainly offered a bit of comfort in the line of monetizing your hard work, you can now sell Amazon good directly through your application, whether it be tangible items like an iPad or digital merchandise like an e-book. Developers can also earn up to 6% in advertising fees straight from their apps, streamlining your mobile business and helping you grow.

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    Introducing Amazon Mobile Associate

    Amazon has several programs for merchants, application developers AWS, etc. You would need to join AWS to get an API key to use with any software you might create that utilizes their data feed. But all you need for AOM is an Associate ID.
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