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    Instagram launches 15-second video feature aka the end of Vine?

    nstagram announced today that it now has a feature in its updated versions that allow users to post 15 seconds of video. This is fierce competition for the 2013-borne Vine app, which is already starting to dwindle in its user count. Could this be the final nail in the coffin for Vine? I saw some brands using Vine to share product ideas and launches, but many were still foreign to its abilities.

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    Yeah, my vote is for nail in the coffin. Vine is a lot slower than Instagram's video app, and since I was already an Instagram user with a community there, it just didn't make sense for me to put all of my eggs in the Vine basket after Instagram came out with their video feature.

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    Instagram also has Image Stabilization and the picture quality is much better. Granted, these are just smartphone apps, but the difference in pixelation between Vine and Instagram is like night and day. Vine just seems very cheap, and always has. I'm excited to start using IG video a lot more, although I admit I haven't used it quite yet for my own personal account!

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    Instagram for the win

    I have never used Vine and I have never wanted to. I think that Instagram is a better choice and it is much more fun because you can also upload pictures. I have never seen the use of Vine since Ingstagram is better.

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    i never use Vine too , with me i only choose in Instagram , because it is useful

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    It is great that we can post the short video on Instagram.


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