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    9 Ways Your Startup Can Use Social Media Lists

    As things become cluttered as you gain more fans and followers (and followings, as well), I thought this was a helpful way to manage your social media channels.

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    I just put together a curated list recommendation for a client and they are implementing it! This is also (hopefully) going to be a great way to get high quality links. I'm looking forward to seeing results and doing more of these projects in 2013.

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    Well the link is good and very impressive. All these ways are great for making a good social media list. I think eevryone should keep these tips in mind before using any social media.

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    Thanks for the post, This was exactly what I needed to see.Good list, keep up the good work

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    i like ways Share Brand Values With Fans,Curate Needs-Based Lists and Give Unexpected Compliments.thanks


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