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    hosting for wordpress blog

    I'm starting a blog for the first time and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where/how to host it. I am setting up my blog through, but want to point it to a unique URL I purchased. Do I need a host for my blog? If so, what are the benefits?
    Thanks in advance. Any advice is appreciated.

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    WordPress Hosting itself offers hosting now. There are lots of great benefits to hosting a blog at no charge with but they do have premium features available for people who want to take their blog to the next level. Read more about WordPress Premium Features here:

    There is also tons of great information in the support forums at They even have a list of hosting companies they recommend. I can tell you we have a few clients who host their sites at and are quite happy with their hosting services.

    If you are new to blogging and just getting started I would recommend you check out the Premium Features from You can always move your blog to a new environment once you get your blog "sea legs". Good luck!

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    hosting for wordpress blog

    Yes - WordPress is easy

    But youll need a domain name and hosting plan as well. I used to work on a free WP blog for fitness products sharing affiliate links. WP banned me for "affiliate" reason. I had to buy an independant domain and hosting to work - then I prospered.

    Since you can choose a unique domain name ONCE - review it wisely.

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    hosting for wordpress blog

    I plan to create a blog and made redirection to my money sites. Is it safe on Google updates in the future?


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