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    Here comes....Myspace?

    Check out this short video about the *new Myspace, complete with invitation request at the end. With social networking still so young, where do you think the next 5/10 years will take us? Will Myspace become a relevant way to conduct business marketing again?

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    Wow, that video promo actually made me want to be on MySpace again! It's so visual, like a mix between Pinterest & Instagram (2 of the hottest social networks right now,) but from what I could tell, the functionality is almost like an interactive magazine. I do think the brand has a major PR challenge, though. I wonder if they considered changing the name? Of course, it doesn't hurt to have JT and all his friends backing/supporting this and the focus on music is smart. I guess time will tell...

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    From my understanding, Myspace has always dominated in music, even when everyone left and Facebook became the best networking site for musicians and bands. Facebook audio never really caught on, and they have a lot of developing before they find a functional audio player. You're right about this video - it's pretty awesome! I requested an invite, and we'll see what happens over the coming months.

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    Woah, Myspace is totally giving off a Pinterest vibe. Slick design, but unless Facebook messes up, I'm not sure if they'll successfully reel people back in.

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    I've heard that, too, about MySpace being good for music networking, but my husband is a musician and recording engineer and he's pretty plugged into the music scene. He was one of the last people to jump off MySpace and hasn't mentioned it since. I'll show him this clip and see if he would join again.

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