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    App Removes Political Posts From Facebook Stream

    I imagine this application is a great solution for many and will save many friendships over the next couple months! It's an app for Facebook that removes political posts and puts them in a separate tab where you can choose if and when to look at them. It's called Social Fixer, and actually yous et up the filter to pull out whatever keywords you want it to.

    I haven't installed it yet, but I am getting very tempted!
    Shari McConahay

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    Now all they need is one for Twitter!

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    That's pretty great. I know that I'm tired of seeing political ads on Facebook, and totally tired of hearing all of my friends talking about the election. Why fight? It seems like most people have already made their mind up.

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    I actually don't mind seeing the political posts on Facebook because it helps me to understand different people's viewpoints and hopefully glean some facts (there's a grain of truth in every post...?) I'm pretty good at ignoring or blocking out what I don't want to see, or just change my settings to see fewer posts. I know I'm probably in the minority on this one, but my mom is a social studies teacher and my whole family is interested in politics. However, I could see some great applications for this after the elections, too!

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