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    CHALLENGE: Describe Your Experience With Social Media in ONE Word!

    An internet study concluded that only 50% of adults in the US use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. If this number seems low that's because the test group included all adults - not just those who use the internet. When that was taken into consideration, 65% of American adults who use the internet also use social media.

    The study also shed some light on how users felt about the social networking sites they were a part of - and, in general, they weren't that impressed. When asked to describe their experience with social media sites in one word, the most common response was "good." While this is a positive response, it is about as generic as you can get! See the attached image for other common responses.

    So here's the challenge: Surely the members of the Internet Marketing Club can come up with some more interesting responses than that! How would you describe your experience with social media in ONE word?? Mine is "Global."
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