I love the Olympics. I was looking forward to the Socialympics, although I have to admit that I was worried about spoilers since I know I can't watch the live events during the day since I work. And often I can't even see all of the prime time events because of family activities etc. Also my husband isn't as big of an Olympics enthusiast as me, so he doesn't always want to watch. In Olympic years past, I used to record the prime time or late night Olympics and watch some of it that night and the rest the next night, catching up on the weekends. This year, I have seen a number of spoilers already and the first week hasn't event come to a close. I saw spoilers in different ways. Some I saw in social media, (which is hard to ignore when you work in the field). I saw some on TV commercials, and the worst spoiler was on NBC, the other night's late night coverage started with a reel on all the highlights of the winners of the day. What!? It's supposed to be a repeat?

I know this may not have all that much to do with social media, but a lot of the issues are due to the "Socialympics" and the possible solution is tech oriented, so I wanted to share it here with my fellow Internet Marketers.

There's an app for that! That's right, you guessed it! Some genius came up with an application that is a browser add on that doesn't promise to eliminate all, but most of what might be Olympic spoilers by targeting keywords. http://mashable.com/2012/08/01/olwimpics/

I wonder what the IOC and NBC will come up with by The 2014 Winter Games because they have caught a lot of heat for the way they handled the coverage.