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    Twitter Censoring Trending Topics

    I just saw the IMC news article about Twitter censoring trending topics that have obscenities in them!? What do you think about that? I think they shouldn't censor anything, but maybe they need to have a rating system where children users don't see the offensive content? The articles referenced showed some valid points that the same time this news broke over the weekend a trending meme topic was #ReasonsToBeatYourGirlFriend which was NOT censored but #FuckYouWashington was censored. That at least explains to me why the latter wasn't trending over the last week or two. My opinion is that they shouldn't censor anything, but I am really curious what you all think?

    Another "bee in my bonnet" for some time now and similar to the topic: I really wish Twitter would separate trending TOPICS vs. those stupid memes anyhow. What do you think about that? I even think taking it almost a step further and grouping trends into categories would be beneficial, so that out of the 10 trending topics if 3 or 4 of the words are all related, they should be grouped in a category so that we can actually see what trending topics are - not just trending words and for me, memes are not topics anyhow.

    Ok, this is me stepping off the soap box now . . . . YOUR TURN!
    Shari McConahay

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    That's very interesting Shari. I'm sure a child would be much more negatively affected reading about #ReasonsToBeatYourGirlFriend than #FuckYouWashington, great example!

    I would think if they were going to censor topics they would at least read them for content and not just censor profanity.

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