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    Great article about schools embracing social media.

    I was really happy to read the article in USA Today that was featured in the IMC News today about a NJ high school that is embracing social media, using it for teaching and learning and spurring interaction and communication between students, teachers, faculty and parents. What an amazing idea!

    Makes me wish I was in school again! Well. . . almost!
    Shari McConahay

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    As a teacher, I think social media is an invaluable tool for the classroom. Students are going to be on their phones whether you like it or not and it is a great way to engage students who may be less than willing to pay attention. Students already enjoy using these tools, and as the world keeps changing, they are going to need to be proficient in their use down the road. It's really a win/win, but it's sad that a lot of the road blocks to actually implementing it in the classroom come from issues like privacy and firewalls set up by schools. As long as it's being monitored, I think it's one of the best methods of engaging students and making learning more hands-on while educating children for success in the (bound to be) technology-rich future.

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