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    +1 For The In-House Search Engine Marketer

    Great article about +1's on Google PPC ads.

    After years of minimal change to the format of AdWords ads (some ad extensions are the only radical change), all paid search ads now have the +1 button right after the headline on their right side. How will this new social aspect impact paid search marketing? And what can in-house search marketers do now to capitalize on these changes?

    Interesting that the +1 will show next to the paid Google ads and if a user clicks on the +1 it doesn't count as a click. Do you think the ad gets the "juice" from the +1 click or the page the ad is linking to?

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    +1's are now publishing to Google+ right? So even if the ads aren't getting "juice" from the +1 (which they probably are), they are definitely getting more exposure as their Google+ friends would see the +1.

    Jeeze, that was a lot of plus signs...

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