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    Pew: 25 Percent Prefer Smartphones To PC For Internet Access

    The Pew Internet Project put out results of its first survey looking at smartphone ownership. Pew found that 35 percent of all US adults own a smartphone.

    When the base is just mobile phone owners however (83 percent of American adults) the number goes up to 42 percent. The numbers go even higher in certain population segments; among 18 to 44 year old smartphone penetration is 50 percent. By contrast Nielsen reported that 38 percent of US mobile phones are now smartphones, while comScore says the number 33 percent in the US.

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    Interesting statistics. With smart phones at the majority of people's fingertips, it's no wonder users prefer to use their phones over their computers, especially for looking something up quickly. Your phone is always on and within arm's reach, so it's much easier to grab your phone than to boot up your desktop or laptop.

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