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    What Are Some Mechanisms to Make Money on an Affiliate Website?

    I thought I would take a moment and come up with some ideas to help monetize your blog or website. The idea of this post came from a question that was posed by a colleague about an ecommerce website using Adsense to help monetize their website only to have their competitor showing ads there. Rather than the simple answer of filtering the ads so that the competitor would never have an opportunity to even place an ad on the website, the discussion became do you just remove Adsense or let it go as a cost of doing business.

    I first started seriously looking into monetizing blog websites when I read George Brown's Google Sniper which in a nutshell talks about creating small micro-niche based websites on a specific topic and monetizing it with Adsense. Google Sniper talks about the simplest way to automate tasks in order to create thousands of these websites in a relatively short amount of time. The monetary model is that if each website makes a few pennies a day (a penny is made when someone clicks on n ad from your website) and that is multiplied by 1,000 websites then that becomes $200 - $300 a day and a healthy number at the end of the month. What were some of the key takeaways from this course? Using tools to take content from RSS feeds and republish it as your own (this became more difficult when Google instituted rules about Duplicate Content), and the optimizing the websites so that they would rank high for particular keywords that had very little traffic but the potential to generate a high level of sales.

    Here are some "Mechanisms to Make Money":
    * Adsense (see above)

    * CPA Network banners
    * Clickbank
    I'm grouping these 2 together because they use the same sales concepts. Instead of making a few pennies a click like you would with Adsense, what CPA Networks and Clickbank propose is a percentage of the sale and that number is typically larger by a significant portion. How it works is that the commission on a sale or (Cost Per Acquisition / Cost Per Sale) is paid once an order has been successfully made by a user. Until then, nothing is paid to you, so it is important to make sure you select your banner or contextual ads with as much relevance as possible to your website.

    * Widgets from Amazon or Ebay. The 2 largest affiliate programs on the Internet are from Ebay and Amazon and they use the CPA model (commission paid when a sale is made). Name recognition is one of the obvious benefits. They both offer widgets that allow you to list products that are relevant to your content, thus improving the chances of making sales.


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