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    Great article about why Merchants Rejects Affiliates

    My friend, Greg Hoffman posted an excellent article over at about why affiliate program managers decline affiliate applications. The actual post is located here, http://www.internetmarketinggorilla....liate-program/

    True Reasons Why You Were Declined:
    • Limited or No Network Bar Performance Rating – Are you a brand new affiliate with an irrelevant site in your profile?
    • Limited International – Are you brand new and from India, Thailand, Russia or China?
    • We Have Previous Knowledge of Your Account – You probably violated our terms of service at some point and we don’t forget these things
    • Negative Feedback – If you have negative feedback for TOS violations, don’t bother
    • Irrelevant Description – If your description of how you will promote us doesn’t match with our TOS, chances are low
    • Website 404 or Under Construction – I check the sites you have listed. If they don’t work, I can’t be the judge
    • Inappropriate Content – Normal stuff like porn or racism
    • Toolbar Reputation – Toolbars have evolved but we want to protect our other affiliates
    What type of affiliates will I step on the cat to hit the “Approve” Button for?
    • Affiliates I have met in person at Affiliate Summit or ShareASale ThinkTank
    • Affiliates I have worked well with in the past
    • Niche affiliates with sites relevant to the vertical
    • Full, top performers with good reputations
    • New publishers with relevant, clean looking sites
    • Super Affiliates that build sites specifically for my merchant
    • Bloggers
    • Anyone that gives me a compelling argument to give them a shot

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