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    Is Your Network Weak?

    If you don't know Peter Shankman, he's quite the character. He is a great speaker who talks about social media, e-commerce and the digital marketing world. He is an entrepreneur and consultant, best known as the founder of HARO. His latest article is very insightful. It's called "Your Network is Weak" and in it he talks about how the definition of "friend" has definitely changed over the years with social media and points out something that most of us know, we aren't really "friends" with most of the people in our network and suggests ways of reaching out to people in network to connect or reconnect and if they are not worth that, then unfriend them. Pretty interesting stuff, I think. Inspired me to take some time to go through my Facebook page, where I spend a lot of time and try to reconnect a little better.
    Shari McConahay

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