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    Have you Participated in a Twitter Chat?

    I recently participated in my first Twitter Chat. Twitter Chats are organized times and topics that a group can easily discuss by adding a 'hash tag' or pound sign to tweets. Then the group can follow any comment made in the conversation by going to and entering the hash tag and the topic. For example, the twitter chat about blogging takes place Sunday nights at 9:00 EST. When you go to and enter the hash tag #blogchat you see the online conversation taking place in real time. Here is a screen shot of a recent blog chat.

    Another blog chat is the social media chat at 12:00 EST on Tuesdays. Thanks to Toby Bloomberg's Diva Marketing Talks who did a great show on Twitter chat.

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    I have participated in a few of these. They are extraordinarily interesting and powerful if not a little discombobulating. Imagine talking about Star Trek in a room, then suddenly other random fans chime in, and as the room gets louder suddenly appears Leonard Nimoy since he heard all the racket. Ok, well thats not a totally great analogy, but its definitely something people should involve themselves in with one time. However, here is my super tip for the day. If you have your Twitter hooked into other things like Facebook and you don't want to annoy your facebook friends with scoress of endless updates about social media chat #smchat, then unhook them before the chat goes off. Hopefully more tools will arise to make this a little bit more friendly experience, and maybe even something that devolves away from Twitter. Overall, its worth trying sometime if you have not yet.

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    Using is also a popular tool to use, and it refreshes automatically. Pretty cool!

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    This especially useful at trade shows and conferences, if there is not a hash tag setup for any larger event I'm attending I try to rally the likely suspects to start the conversation pre-show, then we all know where to meet up, share thoughts on the speakers real time and collaborate on ideas without making a disturbance in the audience.. Best of all I never eat alone at trade shows anymore. But to be quite honest, unless its in a situation where Twitter is enhancing my real life experience, then I don't have time to keep up with the chatter.

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