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    Google Wave? Thoughts?

    I recently got a Google Wave invite, and after hearing about it for months, when I got in there, I wasn't very impressed. What are your experiences with it? Maybe I need to give it time for more people to join?

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    Your experience is common. It's kind of like our first look at Twitter. What do you do with it? It really took about 18 months to understand the best practices and power of Twitter. Look at Wave as a collaboration tool, not a chatting tool. It will be more functional as soon as more applications are released. Again, like Twitter. I'm currently using Wave very effectively on three projects. At this moment (before writing here and after) I'm working with a business partner in a coffee shop. Back to back computers working on the same document in real time. Remember it's not so much Google Wave as the real-time technology that will continue to develop and become apart of our business work flow. Rosh


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