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    iPad Without 3G?

    So for all of you who couldn't wait for the 3G iPad and recently purchased the one that is out now, I'm just wondering why I would need an iPad that offers wifi if I have a laptop. I understand the convenience of having an iPad running on a 3G network that I could use "anywhere" but don't see the real value of the current model.

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    Susan C is an Ambassador!
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    One of the reasons why I got the iPad with wifi was because I found it more of a convenience than my laptop to be able to watch movies on. I also find it easier to surf the web without a keyboard in front of me.

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    Thanks Susan, I was definitely expecting a reply from you on this topic :) I'll keep that in mind.

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    A bit off topic but worth bringing up -- the iPad is TSA friendly so unlike a laptop the device is viewed small and thin enough that you don't have to check it in separately or take it out of your bag (unless specifically asked to do so of course).

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    The iPad is just there like your favorite book. I have an iPhone and I can not wait until the little lady gets me an iPad for my B-Day.


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