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    Advice on video editing software please

    Please share advice on video editing software to easily make engaging videos for website for multiple purposes - Intros, how-to's, web-capture how-tos...

    I'm looking for the least complicated most user-friendly solution that will:
    • take two or more audio tracks [voiceover and background music]
    • output in .FLV format
    • combine video, powerpoint, and web captures┬*
    • keep the nice animation feature of powerpoint, or allow me to recreate them.
    I've had an intro video for my new website [] put together by someone in Camtasia and I'm not happy at all with results.┬* Animation is choppy and/or eliminated from the powerpoint version, etc.┬* I'm thinking that even if I learn Camtasia myself it's too focused for screen capture videos and not 'theatrical' enough for other video solutions...

    thanks very much!
    Ronda Kay

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    There is always Microsoft Movie Maker / Apple iMovie (depending on which operating system you are using). If you are feeling adventurous you can try using Wax (

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    I am about to try Sony Vegas Movie Studio it is supposed to be a great value for about $70 and there is a 1 month free trial.

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    I went to your website and viewed the video and thought it was pretty good. The problem was viewing it in a new window. I think it looks better when it is embedded on one of your pages. I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio for most of my videos. Camtasia is tricky to use for other than screen captures. I use it to generate the html and flash output. I just purchased a program called PPT To Flash Studio 2.0 which transfers powerpoint with animations to flash.

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    Advice on video editing software p

    Hopefully someone here can help me out.

    What is a good yet reasonably priced video editing software package out there on the market?

    Thanks in advance

    ─ňŰÓ■ ˝ÓÚ˛ű ˛ˇ˛...

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