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    Video SEO

    Hello everyone,

    Few weeks ago I made this video

    I have tagged the video (I believe) accordingly and my video doesn't appear in the SERPs on Google when I type my keywords (even when I type Catherine Daar)

    Do you have any idea why?

    Thanks for your help


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    Jay Berkowitz is an Ambassador!
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    Catherine, I love the video - what software did you use to produce it? It seems to be indexing in Google (in the video tab). I searched the entire title and the sentence including your name and both came up #1. You may need more time or more importance (links) to hit the main Google search. Try linking to the video with a press release or some social media. Also building the importance of your YouTube channel and building ratings and subscribers helps :)

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    Hi Jay, Thanks for your advices....will try it. I still dont' see my video in the general web search on Google, only on the video tab. To make a video like the one you saw:


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