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    Can Foursquare Survive Once Facebook Goes Geo?

    With Facebook's plans to launch its location based service environment which will allow users to "check-in" at various locations they visit, much like they can on Foursquare, does this mean an early grave for Foursquare? Does anyone think Foursquare will be able to re-invent itself to avoid being overtaken by the social media giant?

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    Great point Mikhaila, if Facebook offers mayorships, more people would get mayor promotions because there just aren't enough businesses that are familiar with Foursquare. Mikhaila Clements said:
    I wonder if there will also be a mayor in the new location based Facebook and if businesses will offer the same kinds of promotions and coupons they offer for Foursquare users. I think this will be a big deciding factor in whether or not Foursquare makes it.

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    I think with Facebook having this geo location element, it would definitely affect Foursquare since Foursquare is so limited. I always thought about the idea of adding a photo when I checked in somewhere, and I could see Facebook enabling something like that since they already allow photos and video. It would also be cool to comment on someone's location like you could on Facebook (if you feed your Foursquare to your Twitter profile).

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