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    Facebook help desk

    Does anybody know how many fans it takes before you can see some data in insights . because of privacy rule you need a minimum but i dont know how many .

    i know you need at least 25 for your vanity¬* URL

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    If you have one fan you will be able to see insights. It may take up to a week before Facebook starts showing the insights though.

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    you get to see insight but you dont get to see the demographics proportion. because of privacy rule you need a certain number before facebook starts to show certain things. i also know there is a delay so do you knwo if this is 20 , 25 ,30 . i believe it's within that range

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    Hi Alexander, Insights are only available to Pages which are liked by at least 30 people. Insights will start showing up for your Page once your page has 30 users who like it. What's your page? I'm happy to Like you. Will you Like me too. :-) as you can see, I don't have that vanity URL yet. Thanks, Pamela


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