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    Facebooks adds

    After hearing so many good thing about Facebook ads I decide to try it out. i have a legitimate business and just wanted to add more potential customers¬*in the funnel.¬*I pointed them to a specific landing pages and add google analytics.


    The problem i had was that Facebook is charging me twice as many clicks as i am gettting from my google analytics accounts. i am not talking about unique visitors just regular clicks. Aslo in comparing impression vs. PPC. I highly recommend PPC.


    P.s. i also tried Linkedin advertising and watch out for that one it can be a total rip-off. they even exceeded my daily limit.I though i could target by country but i can only get north America. Basically i though i could have the same targeting functionality then when you are search for someone ( i.e country, keywords and all those functionc ) but that is clearly not the case and far from it. It's not Geocentric either.. Have you face the same thing ?


    By the way¬*I e-mail both of them to get information and explinations it's been over 24 hours and still no response

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    Another thing you may want to try within Facebook is to add a call to action to a Facebook page and A-B test sending traffic to your website landing page vs. your Facebook landing page. I've seen many different campaigns perform much better in one or the other.

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    i finally got some generic answer from facebook which makes no sence. i have the print screen from google analytics and the Facebook reporting to prove it. they said i got 30 clicks day one but never got more then 7 visits and 11 page views that day most of which did not come from Facebook...i e-mail them back but if this is hapenning to me i can just image how many others there are.i search the internet and i am not alone.. BE WARRY!!

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    Still no answer from Facebook 3 days latter . I only got a generic response and the interesting part is that now my adds have no traffic all of a sudden.

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    Make sure you send your Facebook ad links to a Facebook Fan page, we've seen campaigns fail when the click out to a website.

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    I couldn't tell by your post if you're using Google URL builder to tie your Facebook campaign into your Google Analytic account or using Facebook reporting to track the clicks and Analtyics to track your landing page clicks??? If you're not using Google URL builder then I would highly recommend it to track your Facebook campaigns moving forward. The Facebook campaigns I manage tend to produce close to Google Adword levels. I found that you have to constantly test new ad creatives as well as getting in and updating bids 2-3 times a week to make a successful campaign.


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