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    Simon Kerr


    Does anyone have experience with 'Keyword Rockstar'?

    I watched a webinar this week via Michelle MacPhearson that showcased the product.

    I have to say I was impressed but wondered if anyone in the club was familiar with it in the 'Content Network'

    Thanks in advance

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    I would like to say that Keyword Rockstar is the most powerful Keyword Tool I have ever seen, and PPC is how I built my business.

    Since I mostly use the content network, this is the first tool I have had that really helped me automate my PPC efforts. There is no other tool I have found that can top it.

    Also, Jon is a friend of mine and a very stand up guy who is building a brand. This is not like some of the other crap on the market. Jon takes pride in the fact that his product is super quality.

    Keyword Rockstar helped me go from building a campaign in a week, to literally a couple of hours.

    Very Powerful Stuff!


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