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    Facebook Advertising - targeting other fan pages

    Since the webinar this morning, I tried to .┬*

    Like many of you, I was excited about targeting people who were connected to a particular page, possibly even one owned by your competitor.┬*

    In setting up the targeting, I found out that this simply wasn't true. ┬*

    Did they find about how this was being used and shut it down recently - like this week?

    The message says┬*

    "You can use this section to target people connected to pages, events or groups that┬*you are an administrator of."

    I find it unlikely that I would be an administrator of a competitor's Facebook page.┬*

    It does seem you can target various things in the Likes and interest section but not in the Connections tab.┬*

    Maybe I was not watching carefully enough, but I seem to recall seeing Margie target competitive pages in the Connections section.┬*


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    This is what the FAQ section says: Connections targeting allows you to target your ads to users who have become a fan of your Page, a member of your Group, RSVPÔÇÖd to your Event or authorized your Application. If you are the admin of a Page, Group, Event or Application, use the type-ahead to target your connections or exclude your connections from seeing your ad. It's not currently possible to target users who have connections with Facebook content for which you are not an admin ================

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    Nathan You are trying to use the wrong filter segment. You need to choose under "likes and interests" the competitor you want to target instead of the "connections" section. If you have any further questions please let me know? Thank you Stuart

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