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    What should be the key internet medium to make Cheap yet effective Marketing Plan ?

    What should be the key internet medium to make Cheap yet effective Marketing Plan ?


    Now a days we have so many tools at our disposal, Facebook, Youtube twitter , SEO Does anyone know which is highly effective in terms of targeting new customer....( Time Spent Vs New Customer or Brand Awarness.

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    You need to think about your target demographic AND the persona/mode you want them to be in to follow through on your call to action. For instance, doctors during the day typically click on the first search engine result and will spend less than 3 minutes on your site, because they are in a task-oriented persona mode. Targeting sites/networks that provide medical information may hit your target demographic but perhaps not the mode for which you want them. You can think about the same thing for high-profile earners. Maybe you are trying to sell golf clubs. Sure you will find lots of them visiting sites looking for the greatest CRM system, but they are actively seeking something completely different and tend to be Type-J people (task-oriented). However, advertise on a fantasy football site where the average participant earns around 90K and is 80-85% male, then you will have them in a different persona/mode more susceptible to looking for new information and thinking about ways to outsmart, out gain and be better than their friends "perhaps with new golf clubs". Getting back to your question, think of social sites the same as you would any city. Physical cities of today are typically formed around geography, rivers, ports, mining posts, etc. Social sites are cities that form around ideas and personalities. Identify your target personality (demographic + persona mode) and think about the cities that those people might thrive within and seek out those cities for your cheapest most effective marketing plan.

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