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    Simon Kerr

    Doomsday for SEO?

    Saw this article on twitter and wanted to share it with the club. What do we think of the future of search against apps?

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    Seeing that the foundation of this article hinges on this excerpt: "Today the content you see in your browser – largely HTML data delivered via the http protocol on port 80—accounts for less than a quarter of the traffic on the Internet … and it’s shrinking. The applications that account for more of the Internet’s traffic include peer-to-peer file transfers, email, company VPNs, the machine-to-machine communications of APIs, Skype calls, World of Warcraft and other online games, Xbox Live, iTunes, voice-over-IP phones, iChat and Netflix movie streaming. Many of the newer Net applications are closed, often proprietary networks." HTTP requests requires a very low packet load. If every website implemented AJAX and was streaming data the entire time you were connected to it, I'm sure you would see HTTP usage sky rocket over all other categories. Until someone can provide a way to deliver information to the user without the user having to physically search, search will be alive and well.

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    Search is not going anywhere. The first thing that comes to mind when you see SEO might be websites. But really SEO is optimizing anything you put online for search relevancy. Isn't it?


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