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    What do you think of the IMC sign-up process?

    I'm working on a site that can be used without a sign-up but will be highly customizable with it. At first I was thinking that it would be best to get as much information as possible when someone signs up. Then I thought about the percentage of potential users that would be turned off by a lengthy process. I noticed a great example when I signed up here today. After entering the initial info, the second sign-up screen pops up and I had second thoughts about doing this. I obviously went through with it but I think it directly connects with the current focus of my business venture. Had I not been this far along, I don't think I would have and probably would have lost the link.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Erika Barbosa is an Ambassador!
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    I completely agree that the more information you ask for upfront, the more likely a person is to leave or not complete a sign up process. We appreciate your feedback on our sign up process here in the club. We are also glad you decided to complete your sign up :) Look forward to hearing more about your business venture.

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    I'm seeing more and more websites converting their sign up process to more of a two-step type process. I know i personally don't like filling out long sign up process all before I can even start using the site, and it definitely deters me away from using their services. Just make sure the second part of the sign up process is in the user's face on every page they visit, or else most users won't bother to fill out the rest of the user information.

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    Jay Berkowitz is an Ambassador!
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    One of the other reasons we ask for more information is to protect the members from spammers. We require a photo and few more pieces of information to make it more difficult for bots and spammers to get into the club and email everybody.

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    Everyone hates spammers but I think people dislike the process of signing just the same. Like Jay mention its a great way to deter spammers but a lot of times it also turns off real users. If you haven't been able to view the site you may think the process of signing up only to no get what you were expecting is not with while. The process here was no different than Facebook or MySpace however you may have a ton of friends telling you to join because of how much fun they are having, how easy it is to connect so you don't mind the process as much.

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    I think is time we used QR to sign in


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