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    Music that plays on a website -- GOOD or BAD?

    The company I am starting to work with next week has music on all their websites, that automatically plays when you come to the site.

    I have my opinion, but wanted to see what others in the industry have to say.

    -- Is it OK, just fine?
    -- Is it annoying?
    -- Does it depend how you do it?
    -- Other comments?

    I'd appreciate all "informed" opinions to help determine whether the music should stay or go.

    Here are the links to the sites:

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    I think its annoying and dated. Auto-music playing is not good for people in work environments either. Everyone is silently working away in there cubes, I'm thinking about how I'd love to go on a vacation, suddenly I find a link to your site click on it, and voila instant music that I didn't ask for, expect or certainly want, as everyone including my boss walking by flips their head to my screen to see a giant Orca flipping out of the water instead of the TPS report thats due today.

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    I agree with the above comments – it is a dated practice that provides more annoyance than value.

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    Agreed as well - Adds unnecessarily to the page load time, as well as an annoyance.

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    I agree with the very qualified comments that precede me. The only good thing? At least you can find the audio controls on the and I couldn't find the control on the first one which is even more bothersome when I'm cruising your site. You don't even allow me the option. Ugh! My vote? Remove the music from all the sites but if there is some political reason why it can't be done then make that audio control button REALLY REALLY big.

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    I sometimes find the music fits in the website when the goal to create a kind of atmosphere but I found this fits more to musical websites such as bands and may be movies. Having a control is a must so visitor can decide to turn off or keep it on.

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    I'm not a fan of anything that automatically turns on when you access a site. You should always give the visitor the option.

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    I find this really annoying because I usually listen music all the time and hate when that music overlaps with the one I am listening. And usually the song are outdated which makes it even more annoying

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    It's pretty much outdated. I hate that.

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    Music that plays on a website GOOD or

    1 You dont have to be a pro to join in this discussion. Anyone who has a photography website, or even an opinion on the matter is welcome to join in.

    2 I dont know that Id agree youre not a pro.

    3 You sell your work, right? Close enough for me

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    I think good , because when customer visit your site , they not only see information , images bot also listening to music. It is interesting .

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