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    Seth Godin - Meatball Sundae

    Have any one read the book of Seth Godin Meatball Sundae ? I got the audio book and as a recommendation from Jay B. during my reading assignment ..

    I didn't capture enough information of the book except about the main new trends and that every company should sync its marketing with the social media and NOT to ask the question how to use the social media to sell more.

    I hope that someone can share with me his feedback and thoughts about the book.

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    What I liked about the book was that it covered a lot of Seth's historical themes such as permission marketing and lays out good strategic positioning for the new world of online marketing.

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    While I do enjoy Seth Godin, I have not had a chance to read / consume this book. As far as NOT asking the question about using social media to sell more I somewhat agree. It can be used to sell more, but embottling it as "just" a sales tool is a huge disservice and will help sr. management miss the mark. I wrote a blog post a bit back, with a great video from socialnomics embedded as well, that changes the question/answer a bit to help people realize understand the breadth of value of social media. Question: What is the ROI on Social Media? Answer: What is the ROI of Your Phone? The rest of the article and video is here.

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    Yes, I have started reading this book... and the language is simple/lucid and the content is great... I have listened to lot of audiobooks in past on different subjects... and somehow always feel its much better to read rather than listen... Especially, if the narrator is not the author by self... then there is no point in listening to the audio book, as that touch always misses.... its like a robot reading the book... doesnt make sense to me. Keyur


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