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    Anyone interested in Affiliate marketing/networks - for Creating Deal/Coupon sites (here is the blog)

    Hope you will find it interesting, and also please feel free to share your thoughts/ideas/feedback on what can be done to create an effective deals/coupon sites... I know there are quite a huge # of sites already out on the web such as

    slickdeals, deals2buy, edealinfo, groupon etc...¬*

    But, we are here to explore to discuss on what it really takes to be a successful deal/coupon/bargain site... and how to excel...

    Good luck... welcome your visits, thoughts, feedback, comments, follow, clicks .....

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    I was looking at this business model a lot and noticed, at least in my opinion, that the online coupon market is pretty saturated.¬* When I worked at an online beverage company some user of SlickDeals actually crawled the website looking for coupon codes and found a good one.... Free 1 month worth of coffee ... and then posted that on their forum.¬* The company had so many orders that it put them behind a week and unfortunately received 0 recurring business from it.


    Most people create websites like, SlickDeals, or even something off of a Wordpress blog to pass affiliate links for commissions.¬* In the most perfect situation you have a coupoon going out¬*to the consumer while the coupon website owner (affiliate) is getting a commission.¬* A lot of times the coupon discount is just taken out of the commission and there isn't really any coupon to speak of.


    That being said, ecommerce behavior has changed a lot to a point where a majority of consumers before they buy anything online will open a 2nd browser winidow and search for a coupon directly related to the purchase they are about to make so that they can save those last few dollars on the purchase.¬* Why?¬* It is easy to open a 2nd browser window and do a search.and who doesn't want to save money?


    Here's where some couponers get into trouble.¬* The commission is only made through a link that is on their website and not by a buyer typing it in at purchase, so a lot of websites will "hide" the coupon code and really only give the description of the discount vs.fully displaying it.¬* The other issue is that I believe last year the goverment instituted something that requires an affiliate to reveal in a full disclosure disclaimer that they will be benefiting from the consumer clicking on a hyperlink by making a commission in order to improve transparency.




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