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    SEM & SEO

    I have a general idea on what to do for seo / sem but not any idea how to implement it. I am totally new to this. Can any body tell me how to implement and perform seo / sem ?

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    Sure Alysha, I will guide. First let me know, what all you know about SEO/SEM (basics).

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    The first place you need to start is with "Keyword" research, once you have your list of keywords then make sure your website uses them as page urls, titles, and "h1" tags. Let me know if you need some help with any of this. Thanks Lee Watters

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    2 things u need to do 1. Onpage SEO optimization - that involves the tricks like - Keyword re-search - use keywords in page title - each page title and URL should make use of keywords appropriately - there is a limit on # of characters that Google and other engines read from your title so lengthy doesnt make sense - make use or H1 -- Hn tags - thats being read by search engines - use mega tags (maybe not used by all search engines) - use ALT TEXT for images - sitemap.xml is very important for crawlers to be able to navigate your site to read the structure and pages/links - robots.txt OffPage SEO Optimization techniques - backlink building - will share more later.. hope this is a good start for you.... visit my blog and web @ Getbest deals has lot of deals and also blogs of your interest... Happy reading....

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    Hello Alysha,

    My description of SEO is "all the things you do on the page" to attract a high search engine placement. And my description of SEM is "all the things you do beyond the page" as a marketing strategy to attract page rank and a high search engine placement, along with attracting the target market.

    But, before committing to a marketing strategy it is best to decide which method of marketing would work best for yourself or a client. Your choices are quite simple to understand. For short term goals a push marketing strategy works well. Push marketing fits nicely with e-commerce where there is a rapid turnover of stock, time limited offers and product clearance. Push marketing is expensive because of the need for high density advertising.

    Pull marketing fits best with long term goals where a small business wants to build their web presense over time and develop a niche market. Pull marketing is not expensive and the budget can be spread out over time. There are many free, or low cost, ways to promote pull marketing.

    Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to mix the two. The most important thing to know about pull marketing is that you need to know your web market so that your pages talk to them, whereas with push marketing you are not being selective at all.

    These are the things I consider as important for developing a web marketing strategy for both SEO and SEM

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    For starting SEO first of all you need to learn about link building, backlinks, On Page Optimization and Off page optimization.

    These four are the imporatant types of *SEO.

    SEM is search engine marketing there is plenty of companies running the SEM campaign now a days it is aalso known as pay per click marketing.It is a*as a marketing strategy to attract page rank and a high search engine placement, along with attracting the target market.

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    Periodic Table of SEO

    Now this may be a bit overwhelming for someone just getting their feet wet in SEO, but I thought it was a great visual for all the items that come into play with a SERP result.

    The Periodic Table of SEO

    I would highly recommend checking out SearchEngineLand for additional tips and guidance.


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