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    Who can guide me how affiliate marketing help in building an empire?

    As I understand affiliate marketing is marketing the product of another and it is a commission business that give commission from 10% to 80%.I fail to understand whether affiliate marketing is better than google adsense in terms of ¬*advertisement ¬*inserted in our website. Let me have the opinion from experts .

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    I'm no expert but it would depend on whether you want to pick you own products or let Google pick them for you. When you use a site like clickbank, you are able to pick products that you like and feel comfortable promoting. It also allows the products to match your content or allows you to choose a niche that focuses on particular products or services. My understanding is that Adsense basically looks at your content and puts the best available products or ads to match your content. This is great is you have a blog where you just talk about things in general with no specific niche. Again I am no expert just what I understand it to be.

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    Adsense is good simply because it's a way to monetize a website as what I call an afterthought.¬* What I mean by this is that typically someone creates a website/blog/etc. and inserts AdSense afterwards because it's fairly easy to integrate into a website and it could be a few extra bucks a month.¬* Their main goal¬*is¬*to still run their website.¬* The problem with AdSense is that you get a few pennies a click and there are much better ways to earn larger commissions.¬* A lot of people using an auto-blog business model monetize their websites with AdSense.¬* Their goal is $1 to $2 a month per blog but they multiply that times several hundred to several thousand blogs and that is where they can do well on a monthly basis.


    The next steps for¬*affiliate promotion¬*(or in conjunction with AdSense) are promoting products through networks such as Commission Junction, Share A Sale, LinkShare, or Google Affiliate Network where commissions are typically in the low teens.¬*


    Where you see commissions in the 30% and upwards range are typically in ClickBank or even CPA Networks.¬* CPA Networks in particular will ask you how you plan to drive traffic to their products before they accept you into their network.¬* Once you're in you can promote any product they offer but you need to be careful because often times the products come and go very quickly.¬* Say for instance you are attracted to a dating cost per lead¬*offer which is a 3 field email submission form and you decide to create landing pages around this offer.¬* It's possible that the merchant may receive enough leads in a month that the offer will be turned off before you can even get started.


    Clickbank is a good place to start on high % commission products.¬* Try to search on something that you are interested in promoting because if you don't have your heart in promoting it, I really believe a buyer can tell (although that's my personal feeling).¬* Once you have identified a product you are interested in promoting the key metric with their products is their "Gravity Score" which is a formula they use to show how many people are promoting each product and hopefully making money.¬* If the Gravity Score is high then you know the product is highly competitive, has a high buyer desirability, and will be highly profitable.


    I hope this helps.

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    This is great is you have a blog where you just talk about things in general with no specific niche. Again I am no expert just what I understand it to be...

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    With my thinking , i think affiliate is better . Because you can easy advertesing your site and make money from it.

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