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    Link building tips

    Link building is without a doubt one of the hardest aspects of SEO.* SEOmoz has a great blog post about link building tips that is pretty interesting.

    Thought I'd share it for those that may not have seen it.

    Let's start our own list - what do you do for link building?

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    I frequent that site often! they had a really nice blog post on Google last week. Thanks for the link.

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    Wonderful link, thanks for sharing.

    One of the most successful link building strategies I have used in the past is reaching out to bloggers asking for product reviews. If you have a product to send to a blogger they will often review the product on their blog and include a link to your website in exchange for the free sample of the product.

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    Press Releases for Link Building

    Search Engine Optimized Press Releases used to get picked up by Google in a heartbeat. While it is a lot harder to get picked up on page 1 of Google, you will get a link from the wire service that you use to send your press release, and anyone who picks up your release and genuinely comments on it will normally give you a new link as well.


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