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    Apple's SIRI Ads Not Accurate Portrayal

    You may have seen the Apple SIRI ads with stars airing recently: Samuel Jackson, Zooey Deschannel and John Malkovich. Well it turns out that the ads are a bit of a exaggeration on SIRI's capabilities. This article on Mashable talks about how a writer uncovered how Apple is "over promising and under delivering". A former Apple employee says that Steve Jobs would have been embarrassed.

    The author tried replicating the requests in the commercials and SIRI does not recognize many of the commands at all. Instead of 'gazpacho' she wanted to know if he wanted to call people with names that sounded nothing like it, or something about a poncho.

    That sounds more like my annoying voice recognition experiences I usually have! I don't have an iPhone, but its go to know I still don't need one! I'm sticking with my Android.
    Shari McConahay

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    Yeah, voice recognition is still quite a ways away from being truly smart. I also wonder if Siri can handle foreign (or even non-US) accents.

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