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    Virgin Mobile Commercial Shows A Lot of App Usage


    This is the current Virgin Mobile commercial that shows a girl in a tree using her phone to access applications (that we all have used in everyday life) to "research" a guy she had just been on a date with.*


    I have personally always thought FourSquare was a bit stalkerish but at times have found it helpful.* Once I used it to keep tabs on an old associate who prefered to hang out at Five Guys Burgers rather than at the office.


    So what do you think about how apps are becoming a part of our daily lives?




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    That commercial is funny and does show the functionality of the phone through it's apps. Though, I've thought FourSquare is a bit stalkerish as well. If FourSquare is used for consumer engagement, like a "frequent punch card" to get discounts at local businesses, I say it is social media used well.

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    I think its great!* People are moving away from needing to be attached to their pc or laptop.* Of now this means that they are attached to their mobile devices.* The only thing i dislike is that people are using these things while driving and not paying attention the where they are going.* Other than that i think that apps are great but only use whats needed.



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