Social Media

  • Facebook now accounts for 12.3 percent of time spent online in the U.S.
  • The shift to instant messaging and Social media has caused -8% decreases in email usage among 12-17 year olds. (down 59%)
  • 65 and older email usage increased 28%, due to slow adaptation in other methods of communication.
  • Woman spent 16.8% of their time (one out of every six minutes) on social media sites in December (up 4.5%)
  • Men spent 12% if their time on social media site in December (up 2.9%)
  • Woman spent more time on social media and are also accelerating their usage faster
  • LinkedInÂ* received 26.6 MillionÂ* visitors in December. (up 30%)
  • Facebook is the 4th most visited web property
  • The Total time spend on Facebook.com totals to more then 120,999 years. (49.4 Bill minutes,Â* 82.33^5 hours, 34.31^4 days, 5 million weeks,Â* 1.2 million months).

Online advertising

  • Social media publishers where responsible for 34% of the display ads served in December. (up 11%)
  • AT&T ranked #1, served 94 billion ad impressions
  • Verizon at #2, served 66.7 billion ad impressions.
  • Facebook.com delivered the most display ads at over 1 trillionÂ* ads
  • Yahoo! Sites delivered 239.2 billion display ads
  • Standard GIF’s and JPG’s ads grew by 59 billion impressions
  • Flash ads declined by 15 billion -Â*This phenomena is in part reflects the emergence of facebook which primary serves GIF’s and JPG’s.
  • Retargeting advertising generated a 1046% increase in branded search


  • Total U.S. E-commerce spending reached 227.6 million in 2010.
  • Travel E-commerce grew 6% to 85.2 billion
  • Retail (non-travel) E-commerce spending jumped 10% to 142.5 billion
  • On Cyber Sunday (Mon., Nov 29th) U.S. online retail spending hit $1,028,000,000
  • For the month of December U.S. online retail topped $4,682,000,000

Group buying

  • Groupon attracted 10.7 million unique visitors in Dec.
  • LivingSocial reached 5.7 million unique visitors in Dec.


  • The word “Facebook” accounted for 1.9 billion searches queries
  • The Word “Youtube” accounted for 790.7 search queries


  • In Q4 Hulu accounted for 19.4 billion minutes (232 million hrs.)of online TV viewing
  • Video ads now reach 7 out of 10 American’s online
  • Video ad networks served 5.9 billion ads averaging 40 ads per view
  • Video ads account for 1 out of every 7 videos viewedÂ* online
  • Video ads online only account for 1.6% of all time spent viewing videos, unlike TV content that has approximately 25% advertising coverage.


  • 1 out 4 cell phones in America are smart phones
  • Verizon wireless carries 31.3% of American mobile subscribers
  • AT&T owns 26.6% of the mobile market share
  • AT&T hold the lead with 38.3% market share of smart phones
  • Verizon is below AT&T with 26.7% market share of smart phones.

Source: ComScore “A Recap of the Year in Digital Media, February 2011″


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