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    Facebook Fan Page Sending Updates

    Does anyone know how to test to see if a facebook fan page is actually sending updates to fans that like the page?¬* I tried to do this by having my business partner like the fan page and then sending out an update that targeted her age and city - but I did not see it show up anywhere in her feed or messages.¬* Any thoughts or recommendations?





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    That seems to me the most logical way to do it.¬* Was your business partner looking at the feed in summary mode ("Top News" tab)?¬* If that happens then you're not receiving all of the update just the most important ones that Facebook has deemed that way.¬* If you change the tab to "Recent News" (what I call firehose mode) and¬*still do not see it¬*then I would give it about an hour and try again.


    I really don't know of any other ways to address this.





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