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    LinkedIn Profiles: Personal or Company

    In tweaking a clients profile today I came across an embarrassing paradox. I was trying to confirm that my wonderfully optimized page would indeed register for the keywords we had optimized for when it dawned on me:

    If his prospects search under "companies" they will never find his PERSONAL profile.

    Any thoughts for a sole proprietor? Do we have to post two profiles?

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    I think it's a good idea - in the case of a sole proprietorship - to use the company profile and the personal profile interchangably. I think most people will find your client via a search for his name on LinkedIn or via search terms that relate to his personal profile.

    I think of LinkedIn like I think of Facebook meaning it's powered by people and ties back to building a relationship within the community. Yes - I want to learn about your company and be able to see what you offer but I want to connect with an individual who can help me get the answers to the questions I may have.

    Just my two cents...

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