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    Any good testimonies about link exchange

    I am seeking other like-minded webmasters who have a good story to tell about building a resource page on their site with THEMATICALLY RELEVANT partners.

    The premise is that if traffic is coming to you from sites who match the same keywords as you do it does some good for your ranking.

    I have been toying with but you get sollicited by unscrupulous operators who want to swap links with everybody and anybody hoping that it will tally to something...

    I have tried neurolinker and monopolinks but they seem to be patronized by the wrong crowds even though the concept behind those schemes is sound.

    Divided we fall and united we stand as the saying goes. I am keen to see if theinternetmarketingclub is the right place to get a breakthrough on this. I look forward to your replies.

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    You seem to be striking on what I think is wrong with linkexchanges in general. Plus, what will you do if they decide to take their link to you down while you still have their link up. I was reading an interview with Brad Callen about when he started online marketing he was doing linkexchanges to get the name of his website out. I believe it was after 6 months only a third of the websites he was linking to still had a link back to him. You're going to have to figure out a way to visit these websites after a certain period of time to see that they are still linking to you.

    If my website has a high pagerank and a site that wants to link to me doesn't, what is my benefit of linking to them? Their benefit would be tremendous if they received a link from me. If my website has just been created and had a high pagerank site linking to it I can be indexed by Google within 24-48 hours vs. the several weeks it would normally take.

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