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    Bono's Billion-Dollar Facebook IPO Haul

    Yes, I am linking MTV. I think this is a first for the IMC Today is huge news for Facebook's introduction to the NASDAQ, so you can be sure there will be plenty more interesting news with Facebook's IPO. Bono buying in for $1.5b is pretty crazy though. Social networking as officially taken over.

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    Crazy stuff. I wonder how it will go.

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    This is definitely a story to follow! I wonder how much all the investments will be worth. It is nice to think that hopefully Bono will do good for the world with the money.
    Shari McConahay

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    I know that Bono has always tried to do good with his fame and money, despite some criticism (everyone's a critic!) I'm sure he will contniue to spread the wealth to the less fortunate. This article mentions his penchant for providing aid to Africa.


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