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    CISPA And Your Online Privacy posted this very imformative article about CISPA and breaks it down into pretty simple terms, including the different points of view. It seems like there is a need for some regulations pertaining to the Internet - it's still like the wild west - but many worry that this bill will allow the government to overstep some boundaries. Are we really that distrustful of the government that we'd risk another terrorist attack, or is this just another way to control the masses? What are your thoughts?

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    Very valid points, Jamie - specifically about the part "are we really that distrustful of the government that we'd risk another terrorist attack". It's kind of scary to think that we live in a world where we have become so distrustful of the government because of past actions and how bills and laws passed are 'read into' or 'misinterpreted' so often now, it seems. I hope things change, but when it comes to the CISPAs and SOPAs of the world today I often think about the founding fathers and then when they passed the law for "right to bear arms". I'm sure they couldn't have thought it meant to include semi automatic weapons that can blow up a hole town. Not that I'm getting into a debate on that, as they say: "I'm just saying"! I also found this kind of "all you need to know" article on CISPA done by Mashable last week that I thought also gave a good outline of the law, and where it's going.
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