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    SEO DOs and DON'Ts according to Google

    Seems that Google is changing the algorithm once again, and this time it may seem to honor websites with little optimization but great content just like optimized websites. A lot of this was covered in Matt Cutts' SXSW presentation, but I know many of us were not fortunate enough to attend.

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    Thanks for posting the link, Matt. Although I am just starting to know more about SEO, this is obviously very interesting. They seem to be focusing on quality over quantity and long-term optimization vs. a quick fix. Also, I hope to make it to SXSW some day!

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    I had plans to go this year! I like the combination of music, art and technology. Really a cool concept out there.

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    I've only been to Austin once, but the town itself is pretty cool. Sounds like you didn't make it. Better luck next year!

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    As long as you did the right thing or do white hat method you don't need to worry in any Google's algorithm.

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    Just stick to the content and always offer quality products and offer great values to clients and customers.
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    That's great

    Thanks for the link you provided, I know most of the info, just repeat again to know clearly.

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