Since Google's new privacy policy took effect today (see How To: Keep Your Google History Private), I thought the news about Mozilla's new cookie-tracking software, Collusion, was interesting and timely. Personally, I was never too worried about my online privacy because I know I'm not falling for phishing scams, etc. However, Collusion's author, Atul Varma, points out that many times the data is a bit more revealing than most people would think and can even be used to personally identify individual users.

You should definitely read the article on that describes in detail how the software works, which is pretty cool. But what I found most interesting is how Collusion may be able to help bring awareness to the issue of online privacy. At this time, the White House is supporting an online privacy bill of rights and major Internet advertisers are agreeing to self-regulate how they collect information on users. Collusion could play a role in helping lawmakers better understand why these consumer protections are needed.

Do you have concerns about online privacy?