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    Amazon vs. Facebook...smartphones?

    Let's get hypothetical for a moment. Would you have any real interest if either Amazon or Facebook made a smartphone? Amazon has already shown that they can manufacture great ebook readers and tablets for affordable prices, and Facebook obviously has established itself as the #1 social community on the Internet. How would these .com giants change the way we mobilize, and are we really interested?

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    Let's get real for a second. I don't see any connection between Amazon, Facebook and smartphones. The core business of both of these companies is in social media and the Internet - not technology. Maybe Amazon got lucky with their tablets and e-book readers, but a smartphone is a totally different story, at least to me. Yes, smartphones have changed the way we live our daily lives, but I also look at my phone as a security piece. I may need it to make an emergency call in a far away country I'm visiting. Now, I would trust the major hardware and software developers that make popular smartphones like the iPhone and Android (yes, I know the 'Droid is backed by Google.) But a Facebook phone? I realize that Zuckerberg needs to diversify his business, but doesn't he have enough of my personal information already? And don't even get me started on an Amazon phone. I could just see people (me included) "accidentally" purchasing everything in a 2-ft. radius that isn't nailed down. Companies need to stick to their core businesses when it comes to things like technology. If Amazon or Facebook really want to get social, maybe they should open a gym!

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