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    10 Reasons Twitter Is Sexier Than Facebook

    I can't help myself - I love infographics. So when I saw this article on Mashable about who is sexier - Twitter or Facebook users? - I just had to post it. Maybe it is the anonymity of Twitter that makes people feel more free sexually. Or maybe Tweeters are better lovers. I'll let you decide for yourselves...


    Click image to enlarge or click here to see full INFOGRAPHIC:
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    I definitely prefer Twitter to Facebook. Actually, I prefer Google+ to Facebook. Facebook has the most users and it makes sense from a business standpoint, but very much of Facebook is still connecting with everyone we know (and sometimes, people we don't know). Twitter's api is much more visually appealing than Facebook's, and I just find it more enjoyable to use.

    so I'm going to say yes, Twitter users are sexier!

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